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Financial Committee

The responsibilities of the committee are to investigate the ongoing needs of the community, to explore the various means of financing improvements to our homes and grounds as they arise, and to review the financial processes of the Association generally, such as auditing and bidding requirements.

Tom Reamer


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Roofing Committee

The responsibilities of the committee are to investigate the feasibility of replacement of our roofs, to establish specifications for roof replacement, and to get estimates of the cost of replacement.

Janet Kaiser


  • Marianna Cunningham
  • Carol Reamer
  • Tom Reamer

Architectural Committee

The By-laws mandate that the Association have an Architectural Control Committee. The Board has the authority to appoint such a committee. Currently, the Committee is run by a Board member, with volunteers from the homeowners as the balance of the Committee.

The Architectural Control Committee is responsible for administering to the integrity and to the maintenance of the exterior of the homes to ensure that the appearance remains uniform and attractive. Items that might be considered by the Architectural Control Committee include the following:

1) Any exterior alterations to a home – All requests for external alterations must include a complete set of plans/specs, the shape of the alterations, materials, colors, dimensions etc.

2) The condition and maintenance of the exterior of the homes, porches, fences, roofing, and more – The Committee, and ultimately the Board, will determine whether it is the homeowner’s or the Association’s responsibility to maintain.

3) Alterations or upgrades to windows and doors – These must be approved by the Board. Windows, doors and trim must be painted in conformity with the colors throughout Briaridge.

Other items that would be enforced by the Architectural Control Committee might include, but are not limited to, such items as:

1) Clothes lines, clothes racks, and laundry hanging from patio fences in any area visible from the common area, streets, or neighbors are prohibited.

2) Changes in style, color, or shape of the original house numbers or lighting are prohibited without prior Board approval.

3) Window air conditioners are prohibited. Most homes are equipped with central air conditioning.

4) Decorative fencing on lawn areas maintained by the Association is prohibited.



  •  Marianna Cunningham


Grounds Committee

The Board may appoint a Grounds Committee, to be run by a Board member, with volunteers from the homeowners as the balance of the Committee. In the absence of a separately appointed Grounds Committee, the Board itself serves in its place.

The Grounds Committee is authorized to oversee the grounds (lawns, shrubbery, trees, and flowers) so that they are maintained in good repair and operated in accordance with high standards.

The lawn area is mowed by a private contractor paid out of the monthly fee. Flower pots, planters, and decorative fencing should be kept off the lawn area to be mowed.

Most shrubs, bushes, and trees were planted by the developer and, therefore, are part of the common area. They should be separated from the houses by several inches to avoid wood rot and infestation.

Some shrubbery and trees were also planted by homeowners and are also part of the common area. Over the years, most homeowners have upgraded, improved, and maintained the foundation shrubs/bushes. If you cannot maintain the shrubbery and want the Association to do the trimming, please contact the Board to have it done. If you prefer to have overgrown shrubbery removed and grass planted in its place, discuss it with the Board.

Flowers beds around the homes and garages are the responsibility of the homeowners. The Association does not maintain flower beds and homeowners must keep them looking attractive. If you cannot maintain the flowers beds, the Board will remove them and plant grass in their place.

It is important that all homeowners have respect for their neighbors. If your yard is overgrown, it reflects poorly on all the homes and brings down the value as well.

Chair:  Kirk Dixon


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